Tea Rooms & Gardens: The Perfect Combination

Nothing brings inner peace so easily and effectively as getting in touch with nature. Spending time surrounded by greenery has proven calming effect, helping us sort the thoughts and emotions, restore our inner harmony and clear our mind. A similar effect is achieved through  meditation and relaxation rituals. In Japan, the ritual of drinking tea is believed to have this kind of effect onto our body and mind. Thus, drinking tea was treated as a special activity during history, and many symbolic aspects are designed around it. The building of purpose-designed tea houses and tea rooms, especially those settled within gardens, is an example of this special treatment.

Tea houses and tea rooms

Tea houses and tea rooms are originated in Japan, but widely seen worldwide in gardens of private residences or within public facilities, such as restaurants, parks and many other. Tea houses are separated buildings, usually small and simple wooden constructions similar to cottages and reserved for the ritual of tea drinking. Tea houses included at least two separated rooms, but there may be even five to seven rooms. Tea rooms are separated rooms specifically designed for tea gatherings, and it may be encompassed into a home or other facilities or free-standing. When in Japan, you’ll probably see pretty much-uniformed construction style of these buildings, due to their sticking to traditional approached to design. However, in other countries worldwide, architects and designers are less limited with tradition, and more focused on primary purpose of these facilities, thus building styles vary significantly. The total dimension of floor usually determines the setting and organization of other features, such as windows, doors, patio in front of the tea room and other features.

Tea rooms in private gardens

teaIf you own a home with spacious garden and land surrounding your house, explore the art and capacity of modern landscaping and exterior designing. Aside beautiful organizing of greenery, water elements, hardscape infrastructure and outdoor living features, various landscaping and gardening companies provide a construction of tea houses or tea rooms. Experts will suggest the optimal location, re-design other elements in garden centered around the tea house or tea room and provide you with the valuable corner of serenity and peace in the middle of your backyard. Greenery, water elements, wooden features and other elements in the garden surrounding tea room are usually designed in a specific manner to enhance the meditation atmosphere of the tea room. The aim is to create sort of another dimension inside the room that would enable you to escape every day’s rush and routine.

Tea rooms in public gardens

The mere concept of tea rooms and landscaping surrounding it is accepted and nurtured in many countries in public places, such as parks, museums, galleries. However, you’ll find tea rooms organized as restaurants and touristic sites in many cities with the main purpose of – tea drinking gatherings. These facilities encompass traditional tea room construction, impressive landscaping surrounding it and rich assortment of teas served in a specific ritual manner. Despite the fact that these facilities are public and visited by many people, peaceful setting and calming atmosphere is found here just like it is in the tea rooms in gardens of private residences.