World’s Most Famous Gardens

Many people turn gardening into a hobby and relaxing activity, but some use it for a true artistic expression to design little masterpieces using greenery, water elements, soil and nature itself. If you are skilled enough, equipped and possess patience and devotion towards landscaping and exterior design, you may create impressive gardens that would be a memorable experience just to take a walk through. Here are some of the world’s most beautiful gardens. Some of them are national parks and monuments, and other surround some of the most famous villas in the world.

Claude Monet’s Garden in Northern France

This garden is was designed and created by the famous painter, Claude Monet. The garden surrounds his residence, and it is divided into two major sections. One section is based upon water elements and features, and the other is covered with flowers of all kinds, decorative trees, willows  and climbing roses all around. To construct this garden, Monet diverted the local river and created a pond with a bridge built across it. This part connects two major sections of the garden, and it is one of the most popular areas among tourists. The whole garden associates on peace and harmony, just like Monet wanted it to be.

Gardens of Versailles in France

Another landscaping masterpiece located in France spread across 800 hectares of land. Gardens of Versailles is one of the most famous gardens in the world due to its extraordinary design, created in the time of Louis XIV. Today, this beauty is marked as world’s precious heritage by UNESCO and protected as historical value and touristic attraction. It includes kilometers of forest, flower beds, water flows and fountains, statues and monuments depicting mythological characters, ponds and canals, even animal species. If you decide to take a trip through the garden, there’s a boat taking tourists down the Grand Canal and provides magnificent view and memorable experience.

Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania

LongwoodThis astonishing botanical garden consists of impressive 40 outdoors spacious gardens and twenty more indoor gardens as the part of the conservatory. The whole garden covers thousands of acres, and the most famous attraction is the meadow garden. The whole construction is intersected by three miles long walking trails, and the garden includes over 10 thousand of different trees, plants and flowers. It also hosts dozens of animal species, such as impressive butterflies, deer, birds, and others. The conservatory organizes several exhibitions annually with seasonal plants and flowers which is a truly memorable experience.

Royal Botanic Gardens in London

This unique historical botanic garden located in the district of London was designed by Princess Augusta back in 18th century and expanded later by her son King George III. It spreads across 400 acres of land and encompasses almost 50 thousand of different plants, flowers, and trees. Aside botanical aspect, the garden includes artistic sector with galleries, green houses and particularly attractive sector with ten different climate zones controlled by a computer. The plants are collected in various parts of the world. The most famous part of the garden is the palm house with its rainforest plants.